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Your completely device-independent POS system

Compact, modern and extremely user-friendly, the mobile app covers all order management processes. Including electronic invoicing, splitting and tip management.

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The user-friendly POS system

All processes in one mobile app

Are you tired of expensive special terminals, lengthy maintenance contracts and complex data entry? Then KASSA is the solution for you. From table management to item entry and tip management, all stages of the sales process are integrated into one extremely user-friendly mobile app. This allows you to manage all processes neatly in one central place, easily, on any mobile phone imaginable, without complex user manuals and time-consuming maintenance. Cloud-based, completely device-independent and compatible with all common printers, KASSA is designed to be connected at any time via interfaces to various other systems such as reservation solutions, digital menus and delivery solutions. A completely new solution that you can count on tomorrow.

Order technology - Kassa System
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