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As a technology company, we develop your individual software solution that accurately reflects your business, as well as cross-enterprise solutions that have the potential to transform industries and add real value.

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Developed to solve problems

Our many years of experience in IT and business consulting give us the ability to identify a gap wherever it exists. These shortcomings also motivate us to develop our own software solutions that benefit not only individual companies but entire industries, without each company having to go through a lengthy development process on its own. These technologies are usually ready to use with little effort and can be customised in just a few steps. Even with our own developments, we rely on the latest technologies and are guided by the market. And to make your work easier.

MENU & KASSA I Order Technology

automate the ordering process and menu management. By applying special algorithms, it is possible to perform comprehensive data analysis and evaluation to gain valuable insights into customer behaviour, popularity of dishes and other relevant information. These insights enable users to improve the offer in a targeted manner and better respond to customer needs.

EECHO & ISI CHAT I Chat Technology

Electronic Echo is a software solution based on Artificial Intelligence (AI), more specifically Natural Language Processing (NLP). Designed as a "chat technology", Electronic Echo is capable of having natural conversations with users and responding to their requests, questions or concerns. This advanced AI technology enables automated yet personalised communication with customers and can be used in various scenarios such as customer support or interactive services. The investment in Electronic Echo is significant for the future of the company. The advanced artificial intelligence and the ability to have human-like conversations have the potential to open up new markets for the company in the long term.

YODALYTICS I Analytics & Big Data Technology

Currently available in beta, Yodalytics is positioning itself in the field of analytics and real-time big data technologies as a powerful solution for identifying personas on websites. Using advanced machine learning techniques, Yodalytics captures deep insights into user behaviour, enabling individual behaviour analysis and real-time tracking. The software excels in its ability to identify visitor patterns and behaviours, enabling companies to develop tailored marketing strategies. Privacy and compliance are also key considerations, while data-driven insights can be used to optimise user experiences and online strategies.

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