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We accompany you in your digital future

Specialised in digitalisation and innovation, we support you in the strategic development of your individual business model. With sound advice and software solutions that are perfectly tailored to your needs.

Consulting expertise meets digital know-how

Harnessing the power of automation and digitalisation

At Limendo Business Consulting, we identify opportunities for digitalisation and automation in more than 95 per cent of cases. Digital transformation is changing worlds and businesses. We help you become a winner in this transformation. Not only by identifying digitalisation gaps, but above all by implementing suitable digitalisation measures to close these gaps. We develop digitalisation solutions for you in the form of various applications (iOS and Android apps, Microsoft) and custom software solutions. We work with the most successful automation vendors and continue to learn, making us a reliable, forward-thinking partner for your innovation and optimisation processes in times of change.

Our expertise

Our strategy development expertise

Limendo Business Consulting, headquartered in Bolzano, South Tyrol, supports medium-sized companies and entrepreneurs in the field of strategy development. With the Limendo House of Strategy, we have developed a unique approach that covers all essential analyses and concepts of strategy development. We also support you in the development of efficient processes. At Limendo we believe that you can go the extra mile for your customers, but your internal processes should be as efficient as possible.

Our expertise in Business Intelligence & Data Science

Limendo Business Consulting's analytics services focus on controlling and business intelligence solutions. We help you to develop a controlling concept and support you in using the latest technologies. Limendo experts recommend structuring your controlling in such a way that core business data is available on a daily basis in an automated way. This allows your controlling team to focus on the important aspects, such as operational control.

Our digital expertise

Whether you're looking for individual solutions for specific use cases or comprehensive, cross-functional solutions such as business intelligence solutions or a data warehouse, Limendo is your partner for the development of customised software solutions in South Tyrol. We provide comprehensive advice on the choice of appropriate measures and the selection of the right digitalisation strategy. We always start with a thorough analysis of your business. We never initiate actions without understanding whether they can be successful. This is what sets us apart from other consultants and software developers. We are more than just traditional developers who often overlook the strategic side of the business. We are also different from traditional consultants, who may work 'independently' but often have only a superficial understanding of the complexities of software development.

The strategic approach

Limendo's House of Strategy

In the strategic analysis of companies and business models, Limendo follows the independently developed House of Strategy. The House of Strategy covers all essential areas of a business model and its strategy, and incorporates all major strategic publications of the last decades. The most important question that Limendo Business Consulting helps you to answer is: What business do you want to be in? What is the vision and mission of your company? And what values underpin your actions? Because that's what it's all about: People don't follow plans, they follow people. Building on this, we examine value propositions, customer value, markets, unique selling points (USPs) and growth drivers. Finally, we look at your organisation's structures and value levers, because the foundation of your strategy is your operational and support systems, as well as your transactions.

And what is your digitalisation index? Do you sometimes wonder where you (and your competitors) stand and where the journey is going? Then we are the right partner for your next steps.

IT and digitalisation vision

For successful digitalisation, it is essential that the vision and strategy are aligned. The IT department, or the strategic IT and strategy department, must be involved in all digitalisation projects from the start. If you're a small business and don't have a dedicated IT department, that's not a problem. What is important is that all the key decision-makers are involved. Transparency and a clear understanding of new technologies and how they fit into the existing business model are absolutely key.

Digital skills

The digital skills of your team and employees literally determine the success of your organisation's digital initiatives.

Digital projects & organisation

How you manage projects within your organisation and who is responsible for these projects is another critical factor in the successful implementation of digital initiatives. This also applies to knowledge management and digital rights management (DRM), both of which are very important.

Business Processes

The core task of digitisation is to continuously optimise and digitise business processes. In particular, we will look at the extent to which you digitally integrate your customers and suppliers into your processes. Administrative processes are also important, as they should be designed to work as efficiently as possible.

Performance Measurement

Another important aspect of digitalisation is the efficiency of performance measurement. How automatically do you receive your business data and what kind of monitoring and overview do you have?


The infrastructure in place is crucial to the successful implementation of strategies. It will show what kind of systems and infrastructure you are currently working with. From the use of email to IoT (Internet of Things), this area covers and examines all the necessary infrastructures.

eCommerce and eBusiness

Last but not least, the company's eCommerce and eBusiness activities are evaluated. Essentially, this is done to show you in a transparent way what activities are being used within the sales and marketing departments for your customers.