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Probably the easiest way to communicate

Chat technology par excellence: The bespoke chatbot that knows your website like the back of its hand. For high-quality, real-time communication around the clock.

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ChatGPT made to measure

The chat solution that makes communication
as easy as pie

As personal as possible, as omniscient as necessary: ISI Chat is literally "easy". The personalised widget code for your website is created in no time at all. The system scans the content of your website, combines it with the vast knowledge of ChatGPT and thus has the right answer to (almost) every question in real time and always exactly when your customer needs it. Multilingual, high quality and at any time of day. GDPR compliant, of course. Repetitive tasks are reduced, your staff is freed up, and at the same time you get to know your customers even better and uncover information needs that you can use to optimise your information channels.

Thanks to the analysis of your website's content, responses are highly personalised. In addition, other documents such as product catalogues or guest folders can be scanned and added to the data pool.

Interested? Then test ISI CHAT right here inform you about the services and products of Limendo GmbH.

Or visit the Hotel Hubertus website and discover with Hubi what makes a holiday at Hotel Hubertus so incomparable.

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