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About us

About us

A value-based working model

Whether on-site in one of our offices in Bolzano, Bangalore or Ahmedabad or in a home office - excellent software can be created anywhere. That's why we focus on flexibility and transparency. And on the fact that we can only create the best solutions together.

Limendo as an employer

Hybrid and effizient

An innovative IT company
with strategic competence

Our mission: to support companies in their structural, economic and organisational development, and entrepreneurs in their personal development. With detailed analyses, sophisticated concepts and individual, highly innovative software solutions that have one goal above all: To create the basis for well-founded decisions that lead the company safely into a sustainable future and ensure that it is and remains competitive in the constantly changing market.

From creative thinkers to strategists, from tinkerers to database specialists, more than 50 employees on two continents are working on this mission. With three offices in Bolzano (Italy), Bangalore (India) and Ahmedabad (India), we are also ideally equipped for large software projects and can always offer you a profitable symbiosis of structured project management, strategic IT consulting and a broad team of highly qualified technicians, engineers and data scientists. It is precisely this cultural diversity, the wide range of specialist areas and the global exchange of experience that enable us to deliver projects that cross borders.

An exciting field. For employees and clients alike.

Expertise in IT Consulting

Our values

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It may sound unusual in a world of rapid change, but we believe that shared values are the foundation of successful collaboration. They are what turn individuals into a team and enable us to go the extra mile for our customers. Because our shared values strengthen and inspire us. Here are five values that form our framework and that we wouldn't want to do without:

  • Integrity. It is the essential foundation for a respectful and successful working relationship.

  • Excellence. Because only by striving for excellence can we achieve greatness.

  • Entrepreneurship. Because it motivates us to excel.

  • Simplicity. Because it is the best way to represent complex processes.

  • Holistic approach. Because only an integrated approach leads to complete solutions.

Our management

Hannes Lösch - Owner and Managing Director of Limendo

Hannes Lösch, Owner of Limendo GmbH

Dr. Hannes Lösch is a renowned expert in digitalisation and strategy with more than ten years of professional experience as a management consultant, including at the renowned international consulting firm Kearney. He holds a degree in accounting and finance from the University of St. Gallen, a double master's degree from the international CEMS programme, and a degree in strategic management from the University of Innsbruck.

His drive for excellence and ability to develop innovative thinking sets him apart. After a successful career in consulting, he founded Limendo to achieve digital excellence and develop proprietary solutions.

Hannes Lösch has successfully taken on responsibility in various strategic and digital projects. He has extensive experience in corporate finance, controlling and strategy. In addition, he led departments in a renowned South Tyrolean industrial company.

Since 2018, he has been an entrepreneur at Limendo, where he offers his clients first-class services in digital transformation. Hannes Lösch is deeply convinced of the importance of clearly defined corporate values, which he has embedded in the company's culture from the very beginning. Under his leadership, the company won the Top Company Award for small businesses in 2019 and the Top Company Award for medium-sized businesses in 2023. His ability to leverage the diverse skills of the 50+ person software development team to the best advantage of both customers and Limendo itself is what sets him apart.

Prasanna Amanan - Managing Director Limendo India Pvt.

Prasanna Amanan

Prasanna Amanan is a seasoned professional services leader, with a wealth of global experience in software engineering and delivering top-tier software products while adeptly building and leading teams catering to enterprises and medium-sized businesses alike. With a penchant for service excellence, Prasanna specializes in the meticulous identification, cultivation, and perpetual sustenance of competitive advantages for esteemed international clientele. His acumen also extends to providing invaluable guidance in matters of business model innovation and overarching corporate strategy.

His portfolio showcases his instrumental involvement in intricate undertakings alongside globally acclaimed entities within the financial and media sector. Through orchestrating multifaceted application development projects, spearheading transformative initiatives including CSR & culture, Prasanna's leadership is consistent with long-term value addition.

Educationally, Prasanna holds a Master's in Business Administration from Durham University, complemented by a Bachelor's in Computer Science Engineering. Notably, he has also secured a postgraduate professional qualification in Financial Risk & Investment Management from the esteemed Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta (IIMC).

Prasanna's professional philosophy revolves around embracing the synergy of multidisciplinary science and systems thinking. He systematically applies these principles to engineer sustainable advantages, transcending conventional human-centric design and ingeniously harnessing systems engineering methodologies for software systems.

We are Top Company Award winner

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Let us start a journey together

If our values resonate with yours and you are looking for a workplace that is more than just a job, one that offers you creative freedom in an international environment and supports your personal development, then join us on a journey together. Apply for one of our current vacancies or, if you prefer, make a proactive application, because initiative makes all the difference!

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